Visual test automation for web apps

End-to-end visual + functional testing as a service. No coding required.

Visual Regression Testing

Do you know the impact of code updates across your application UI?

Be confident & be faster. Know the impact of code and content updates across your entire application UI with Screener. Perform full site regressions automatically, whenever you want. With Screener, you know exactly where and what has changed, and you don't waste time testing what hasn't.

Across Browsers, Resolutions, Locales

Does your UI look beautiful to all your users?

Save time & eye strain. Screener automatically tests your UI across browsers, resolutions, locales, and environments, spotting inconsistencies for you, and ensuring your users have the right experience no matter how they view.

Record and Run in the Cloud

Easily automate test flows in minutes.
No coding required.

No existing test automation? No problem! Use the Screener Recorder Chrome extension to quickly and easily create your tests and automate your test flows. There is also no need to setup testing infrastructure. We provide instant access to modern browsers in the cloud, so you can start testing right away.

Visual+Functional Testing

Increase test coverage.
Leverage existing Selenium tests.

Integrate Screener into existing Selenium WebDriver tests and CI, leveraging your investment in test automation, and increasing your test coverage by performing both visual and functional testing in the same test run. We support any language/library which uses the WebDriver protocol, with no dependencies to install.