Automated Visual Testing for React & Vue

Instantly get UI tests across your React & Vue components

How Screener works


Write Docs

Document the different states of your UI components using Storybook.


Get Automated UI Tests

Screener will use each component state as a visual test case for automated testing.


Review Visual Changes

Screener will automatically detect and report on visual regressions.

Instant Tests

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to write and maintain automated UI tests, so that you can focus on your project code, not test code, and deliver faster.

Less Code, More Coverage

A single visual snapshot with Screener can replace hundreds of coded assertions, while testing both functional and visual aspects of your UIs.

Natural Workflow

Simply develop your components in Storybook, and automatically get living documentation and automated UI tests at the same time.


See what sets Screener apart

Smart Diff

Screener's Smart Diff algorithm understands your UI, automatically deciphering structure, layout, content and styling, allowing it to know and control what is being compared. Unlike pixel-to-pixel image diffs which have high false positives.

Interaction Testing In Storybook

Screener supports testing interaction flows directly in your Stories, for stateful components, functional flows and integration testing. Learn More

Visual Change Details

Screener not only highlights visual changes; it also provides details on each change to help developers debug. Learn More

Test Across Devices & Browsers

Render and test your UIs across different mobile devices and browsers to ensure all your users have a great experience.

Continuous Testing

Easily integrate Screener into your CI pipeline for continuous visual regression testing. Learn More

GitHub Workflow

Screener integrates into your GitHub PR workflow for code review + visual review in one place. Learn More

Baseline Branching & Merging

Screener optimizes your workflow by pulling the baseline when branching, and auto-accepting changes when merging. Learn More

1 Minute Install

Quick Setup with Storybook

Fast Feedback Loop

Screener automatically runs tests in parallel

Any Environment

Run anywhere; locally, behind firewalls or in CI

No Infrastructure

Nothing to manage. We provide browsers & devices

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