Visual testing

Automatically detect visual regressions across your UI

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Test your user interface (UI) across different browsers and devices

Improve user experience when you get clear visibility into the impact of code changes on your UI. Know exactly where and what has changed.

Continuous visual regression testing

Perform visual regression testing on every code commit. Capturing screenshots of the UI and highlighting visual changes allows you to compare side-by-side the new and the original UI.

Deliver a consistent user interface

Perform UI tests across multiple browsers, devices, and operating environments. Spot inconsistencies and ensure users have the visual experience your designers intended.

Rapid and responsive testing

Perform UI tests across multiple device emulators and screen resolutions continuously and in parallel.

Visual component testing

Continuous testing at every stage

Test on every commit

Quickly and frequently test individual UI components. Run visual component testing on every commit to get fast feedback you need in the early stages of the development cycle.

No test scripts needed

No test scripts needed

Develop UI tests in Storybook to test UIs continuously across browsers and devices, and test components automatically without needing to write automated test scripts.

Programmatic data comparison

Programmatic comparisons

Leverage DOM snapshots to inform page comparisons, allowing for more accuracy in identifying & troubleshooting true regressions, plus helping to eliminate false positives.

Additional features


Smart hybrid diff

Compare more than just pixels. Sauce Visual compares both screenshots & DOM snapshots to show changes.


Interaction testing API

Click buttons, fill out forms, and get your components into the proper visual state to test.


Storybook + General Runner

Connect to Storybook or a custom component library and automatically have the UI states pulled in as a baseline.


Integrations: CI & PR statuses

Get continuous visual test automation when integrating Sauce Visual into your development process.


Baseline branching and merging

Save time and optimize your workflow by automatically pulling in the initial baseline from the base branch and automatically accepting updates when merging to or from the base branch.



Visual tests will automatically run in parallel when executing multiple tests.

End-to-end testing

Advanced debugging tools for cross-browser testing

Eliminate UI bugs

Harness the power of automation to test UIs across different browsers and resolutions. Spot UI inconsistencies and fix them early in the development cycle.

Front-end component

Leverage existing tests

Maximize your investment in test automation and increase your test coverage by performing both visual and functional testing in the same test run.

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Sauce Visual provides organizations with the ability to test the visual aspects of the UI across multiple browsers and screen resolutions.

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