Automated Visual Testing for React Developers

Instantly get UI tests across your React components

How Screener works

1. Write Docs

Document the different states of your React components using Storybook.

2. Get Automated UI Tests

Screener will use each component state as a visual test case for automated testing.

3. Review Visual Changes

Screener will automatically detect and report on visual regressions for you to review.

Less Code, More Coverage

A single visual snapshot with Screener can replace hundreds of coded expectations, while testing both functional and visual aspects of your UIs.

Move Faster

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to setup and maintain automated UI tests, so that you can focus on your project code, not test code, and deliver faster.

Release with Confidence

Be confident moving quickly and making code changes, knowing that if there are any visual or functional issues, we’ve got you covered.

Quick Setup

Integrate your Storybook and start testing in one minute.

Fast Feedback Loop

Screener automatically runs your tests in parallel for a fast feedback loop.

Continuous Testing

Easily integrate Screener into your CI pipeline for continuous visual regression testing. You can also integrate into your GitHub workflow.

Any Environment

Run Screener on any environment, locally or in CI.

Cloud Browsers

Render your UIs on real browsers, in our cloud and others. No infrastructure to setup or maintain.

Responsive Design Testing

Test your responsive designs across different mobile devices and resolutions.

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