Learn the Review Flow

Learn the Screener workflow for reviewing UIs. Each UI state under test has one of the following statuses:

NewA new UI state that has not been reviewed yet.
ChangedA UI state that has changed visually when compared to its accepted baseline.
AcceptedA UI state that is visually the same as its baseline
OR has been reviewed and accepted by a team member.
RejectedA UI state that has been reviewed, found to have defects, and rejected by a team member.


Start Reviewing

When a test has Changed or New UI states, it will show a Review button:

Clicking on the Review button will display a list of your UI states filtered to only those needing review.

Click on the first UI state to start reviewing:


Review UI State

You will be presented with screenshots of the selected UI state:

If a baseline exists, a side-by-side view will be displayed with the baseline screenshot on the left-hand side and the current screenshot from the latest build on the right-hand side.

Changed UI states will include highlights of visual changes directly overlayed on the screenshots.


Accept or Reject

After reviewing the UI state, you can either:

  • Accept it if the screenshots are as expected, which will set the current as the new baseline.
  • or Reject it if defects are found which need to be fixed.

Use the status dropdown to accept or reject:

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to accept / reject

To Accept, press:Shift + Up Arrow
To Reject, press:Shift + Down Arrow


Continue Reviewing

Continue reviewing the remaining UI states by clicking on the next/previous arrows:

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate through UI states

To Go Next, press:Right Arrow
To Go Previous, press:Left Arrow
Accept All

Use the Accept All button to quickly set all filtered UI states to accepted.


Review Complete

When all UI states have been reviewed, the filtered state list will be empty:

The build status will be updated to Success when all UI states have been accepted.

The build status will be updated to Failure when there are rejected UI states.

Next Steps