Jira Integration Reference


Jira integration allows you to create tickets in your Jira project directly within the Screener application, saving you time and the hassle of having to copy all the relevant information over from Screener to Jira. The details of the URL, browser, screen size, and a link back to Screener are added to the Jira ticket.


Getting Started

1. You will need your Jira account information.

2. Decide which Jira project will be added to from Screener. Copy the Project Key. For example, when you create a new Jira ticket, the ticket number will be in this format, "SCREEN-25". So, the project key is "SCREEN".

3. Decide what "Issue Type" Screener should create the Jira ticket as. For example, "Bug" or "Task" or another issue type that fits (and exists in) your project.

4. Copy the URL to your instance of Jira. For example, https://mycompany.atlassian.net

5. The instructions below assume that you are familiar with starting new builds in Screener, and reviewing changes in the test results.

Note: You can create a new Jira account specifically for Screener if you want to limit the permissions on the account.


1. Add Jira Project Details to Screener

In the Dashboard, select the Project you want to integrate with Jira, mouse over the "Integrations" button, and click on "Jira":

Enter the information you copied down in the "Getting Started" instructions above.

1. Jira Base Url

2. Project Key

3. Issue Type

4. Your Jira username

5. Your Jira password

Note: Please be aware that Project Key and Issue Type are case sensitive.

Click Save


2. Review Changes

In the Dashboard, find a "Changed" screenshot you wish to review. Click on the "Show Changes List" arrow in the top left to display the list of changes for this screenshot.

Click on the Plugins button.


3. Create Jira Ticket

In the Plugins dialog, select "JIRA" from the drop down menu and then click on "Create New JIRA Issue". This will bring up a new text field, "New Issue Summary". This will become the Jira ticket title.

Click Create New Issue

Note: If you had created a Jira ticket for this issue outside of Screener, you can link the Jira ticket to Screener by clicking on "Link Existing JIRA Issue". You will be asked to provide the "Issue Key", for example "SCREEN-25".


4. Linked Jira Ticket

After a new Jira ticket is created, you will see a Jira ticket number that has been linked to this screenshot and clicking on the Jira ticket number will take you to the Jira ticket. In addition, you can add comments to the ticket from within Screener, and comments added directly in Jira will appear in Screener as well.